Hands, Feet & Nails

CND Shellac Manicures

A celeb must have! Now you can say goodbye to chips, smudges and drying time!
Semi Permanent Nail Polish, Mirror Finish, Zero Drying  Time... applied over natural nail.


Fingers                         $40 (30mins)

Toes                             $50 (30mins)

Fingers & Toes             $80 (60mins)

Removal of Polish        $20 (15mins)


Acrylic Manicures

Not everyone is blessed with perfect nails.  They may not grow the length and shape you want, or they might be too brittle to work with and beautify, or you simply don't like the way they look!  Don't worry we have the solution for that.  We can make your nails look exactly the way you want them to look - in terms of length, shape and colour.


Full Set Permanent French Acrylic                 $75 (70mins)

Full Set Permanent Clear                               $70 (60mins)

Full Set Permanent Clear with Shellac           $85 (90mins)

Infills French Acrylic                                     $55 (60mins)

Infills Clear                                                   $50 (60mins)

Infills Clear with Shellac                                $65 (90mins)


Custom Manicure   $45 (30mins)

The ultimate speedy treat for the ‘best dressed hands and nails’. The Custom Manicure provides a ‘celebrity’ manicure for those who want a little luxury when time is of the essence. This treatment includes a file, polish, cuticle work and an application of hand lotion. Speak to one of our nail-experts if you need to remove enhancements prior to your treatment.


Immaculate Manicure $80 (60mins)         

This manicure provides luxury and glamour for hands and nails that deserve only the best. This complete treatment exfoliates, nourishes and protects against the daily wear & tear of busy lifestyles whilst helping to improve the signs of premature ageing. This treatment includes a file, polish, cuticle work, an application of moisturising lotion, a hand & arm massage, exfoliation, and a paraffin wax treatment.



Custom Pedicure $45 (30mins)

Revive tired looking feet and toes with our custom pedicure, designed to make the best of your feet when time is of the essence. This treatment includes a foot soak, file, polish, cuticle work, smoothing foot file and an application of foot lotion. 


Pristine Pedicure $80 (60mins)   

“Like walking on air” is how you will feel after your pristine pedicure. Hard working feet need special care when it comes to keeping them looking and feeling fabulous. This luxury treatment is fantastic for even the most neglected of feet which will become unrecognisable after they have been sloughed, buffed & brought back to life with the wonderful restorative benefits of this pedicure.  This treatment includes a file, polish, cuticle work, an application of foot lotion, foot & leg massage, exfoliation and exfoliating foot mask.



Note: Please bring open toe shoes to avoid smudging after leaving the Boutique.